Eric Stokes: The Pickpocket is Lyrical Two

The Pickpocket is Lyrical, Two (1994)
by Eric Stokes

I. Bull ‘Gine ‘n’ Tarriers

II. Breath Can Blow Both Ways

…hot on cold fingers

…cold on hot soup

III. Pop the Whip

IV. Go ‘Way From My Window

…from my door

…my bedside

…bother me no more

V. Over the Deep Blue Moon

The Pickpocket is Lyrical Two incorporates several folk melodies (and a few of the composer’s own) in a fairly straightforward setting rich in lyricism and humor.

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Eric Stokes: Susquehannas

Susquehannas (1985)
by Eric Stokes

I. Nostrum

1. a pet scheme for the solution of some problem;
2. from the Latin, “on our own” (i.e., invented and made by the seller, especially in reference to patent medicines).

II. Buffalo Bones … all the way to Medicine Hat.

III. Whangdoodles

1. mythical creatures of ill-defined characteristics, sometimes noisy, mischievous or nocturnal; 
2. apprehensions resulting from the believed perception of such creatures.

The title of Susquehannas refers in part to the convergence of streams like Cherry Valley, Lick-Run, Tunkhannock, Hop Bottom, and Tuscarora in the Eastern mountains. The early people who lived along those banks called themselves the Susquehanna.

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Martin Bresnick: Pine Eyes

A dark and delightful evening-length chamber work based on Carlo Collodi’s beloved The Adventures of PinocchioPine Eyes is a rich mixture of music and words—a compelling adventure for the imagination that will captivate audiences of all ages. Martin Bresnick joins Zeitgeist to create a fantastic tale of transformation and discovery with plenty of the bewitchment, adventure, and heroism so crucial to a good fairy tale.  Continue reading “Martin Bresnick: Pine Eyes”

Harold Budd: She is a Phantom

She is a Phantom (1994)

by Harold Budd

Harold Budd, well known for collaborations with Brian Eno and the Cocteau Twins, writes simple and utterly gorgeous music. This album contains Harold Budd’s She Is a Phantom (1992), written for Zeitgeist, and In Delius’ Sleep (1974). On this recording, Budd joins the ensemble, playing piano and narrating his poetry.

Performers: Heather Barringer, Jay Johnson, Tom Linker, Bob Samarotto, Harold Budd (voice and piano).

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