Homer Lambrecht: Signature One: Mendelssohn Fantasy

SIGNATURE ONE: A MENDELSSOHN FANTASY (1980) by Homer Lambrecht was commissioned by the Jerome Foundation for Zeitgeist and received its premiere at Carnegie Recital Hall October 18, 1980 in New York.

“Music spans time in history; the movement of time also articulates the form and substance of music. Patterns of movement form streams of rhythm, flow of harmonic motion, and currents of timbre. These patterns also reveal the spiritual substance of the composer and his cultural heritage. To find patterns that connect my time with the past is the origin of SIGNATURE ONE. Techniques common to today’s music are used to transform ‘Adieu,’ one of Mendelssohn’s ‘Songs Without Words.’”

After having received a B.A. with honors and a M.A., Homer Lambrecht received a Doctorate in Music Composition from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. An avid trombonist, he studied with Glenn Dodson of the Chicago and Philadelphia Symphonies, played in clubs, and performed in numerous free jazz ensembles. Receiving commissions from Minnesota Orchestra and Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra as well numerous other grants and fellowships, his compositions have been played from Japan and Europe to Carnegie Hall. Enjoying the challenge of technology, he studied computer music at M.I.T. and pursued web development utilizing various flavors of JavaScript, scripting languages, and SQL. Employing electronic music beginning with analogue tape slicing and continuing through today’s digital technology (such as SuperCollider and Reaktor), he is currently involved with improvisational electronics as well as more traditional notated systems. His favorite philosophers, Henri Bergson and Gilles Deleuze, have been essential to his tentative understanding of the indeterminate elasticity of that which is nameless and contingent on the dynamics of Now.


SIGNATURE ONE: A MENDELSSOHN FANTASY appears on Zeitgeist’s album Duplex; originally released 1980, re-released 2015.

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