a forty-four smokelessPaul Elwood: a forty-four smokelessStudio Recordings2020/12/172020-12-17 14:46:51
Julie Johnson: Crocus Hill Ghost Story, , , Video2020/11/132020-11-13 13:33:00
Jerome Kitzke: In Bone-Colored Light at InnFest 2018Live Performances, Video2018/04/282018-04-28 11:14:00
“For the Birds” Interview with Victor Zupanc & Kevin Kling, , , Interviews2016/08/042016-08-04 10:55:00
Morton Feldman: Bass Clarinet and Percussion, Live Performances2016/04/212016-04-21 15:15:00
Victor Zupanc & Kevin Kling: For the Birds, , , Studio Recordings2016/01/012016-01-01 10:41:00
Scott Miller: Tipping Point, Studio Recordings2015/05/052015-05-05 14:16:00
Homer Lambrecht: Signature One: Mendelssohn Fantasy, Studio Recordings2015/01/042015-01-04 20:54:00
Zeitgeist: Music for Kleist, Studio Recordings2015/01/042015-01-04 18:55:00
Tristan Fuentes: Spinngewebe, Studio Recordings2015/01/042015-01-04 18:27:00
James DeMars: This, Studio Recordings2015/01/042015-01-04 11:28:00
Stacey Bowers: Pattern Study #2, Studio Recordings2015/01/032015-01-03 21:04:00
Karlheinz Stockhausen: Set Sail for the Sun, Studio Recordings2015/01/032015-01-03 18:37:00
James DeMars: Premonitions of Christopher Colmbus, Studio Recordings2015/01/032015-01-03 18:04:00
Stacey Bowers: Listen to the Rolling Thunder, Studio Recordings2015/01/022015-01-02 21:00:00
Gregory Theisen: Kite Sites, Studio Recordings2015/01/022015-01-02 19:19:00
F.J. Sacci: Time Keys and Spirit Hammers, Studio Recordings2015/01/022015-01-02 19:11:00
Andrew Rindfleisch: Nine Little Improvisations, , Studio Recordings2010/01/012010-01-01 17:34:00
Andrew Rindfleisch: Night Singing, Studio Recordings2010/01/012010-01-01 16:48:00
Andrew Rindfleisch: For Clarinet Alone, , Studio Recordings2010/01/012010-01-01 14:00:00
Andrew Rindfleisch: Improvisation Situation, , Studio Recordings2010/01/012010-01-01 12:58:00
Andrew Rindfleisch: Fanatical Dances, Studio Recordings2010/01/012010-01-01 12:55:00
Scott Miller & Philippe Costaglioli: Shape Shifting, , , Album, Studio Recordings2005/01/022005-01-02 10:17:00
Beth Custer: Swim!, Studio Recordings2003/01/012003-01-01 21:10:00
Eleanor Hovda: If Tigers Were Clouds, , Studio Recordings2003/01/012003-01-01 21:09:00
Pauline Oliveros: Sound Fishes, Studio Recordings2003/01/012003-01-01 20:44:00
Annie Gosfield: Five Will Get You Seven, Studio Recordings2003/01/012003-01-01 19:52:00
Mildred Couper: Xanadu, Studio Recordings2003/01/012003-01-01 19:27:00
Yoko Ono: Pieces for Orchestra, Studio Recordings2003/01/012003-01-01 16:42:00
Johanna Beyer: Suite No. 2 for Bb Clarinet, Studio Recordings2003/01/012003-01-01 16:32:00
Mildred Couper: Dirge, Studio Recordings2003/01/012003-01-01 14:38:00
Eric Stokes: Whittlings, Studio Recordings2002/01/012002-01-01 11:34:08
Eric Stokes: Tintinnabulary (Phonic Paradigm IV), Studio Recordings2002/01/012002-01-01 11:25:47
Eric Stokes: The Pickpocket is Lyrical Two, Studio Recordings2002/01/012002-01-01 11:15:38
Eric Stokes: Susquehannas, Studio Recordings2002/01/012002-01-01 00:00:05
Martin Bresnick: Pine EyesStudio Recordings2000/01/012000-01-01 08:37:00
Harold Budd: She is a PhantomAlbum, Studio Recordings1994/01/051994-01-05 08:45:00